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Baddest Bard In The Whole Damn Town

Brigit St. Brigit presents Henry IV, Part I.

We kick each others ass so you don't have too!

Brigit St. Brigit Theatre Company, Gross Auditorium at College of St. Mary, 1901 S. 72nd St. "Henry IV, Part I," 2 p.m. Sundays, 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, through Dec. 15. Tickets: $15 general admission, $13 senior citizens, $5 students. 399-6287.

If you want to come but absolutely cannot afford the admission price, let me know and I'll try to grab you some comps, but remember people. We are a poor theatre here and could really use the money. Please, don't do this just to be cheap. If you wanna do that, just use an old student ID and save the 10 bucks.
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An open request to my FRIENDS...

Dear friends,

We've been through a lot over the past eight years, haven't we? We've seen governments come and go, fashion trends die and resurface, and people from our own coterie fall by the wayside, some even marrying and having kids. Yet we have remained close, our bonds growing stronger. It is with that sense of family that make the following observation and request.

It has come to pass that a few of our number; I will neglect to mention names as you are fully aware of your own as well as our shared situations, are now looking over the precipice of bachelorhood that we all have so merrily shared. Now, I am not in any way attempting to DISCOURAGE you in your fateful trek toward matrimony. While I shall mourn our lost days of camaraderie, I look forward to the future possibilities and the bright unknown in which the dwell. While it is true that I personally hold trepidations about the paths you are walking, I understand that it is something you must do on your own and shall have complete faith in your judgments and clarity of insight.

This being said, I do have a simple request. In view of the fact that you each, by my humble estimation, seem to be bearing down on this milestone at the same convergence point, would you please consult with each other prior to the actual planning of your blessed event. As you all know, as a struggling artist, my financial gains are minimal and my reserves often depleted by unforeseen circumstances. As I love each of you dearly and would not wish to miss your nuptials for the world, I make this request out of friendship. Given ones known flair for extravagance, another's physical distance and the shear factor of the unknown concerning the third, I worry that if your planned dates coincide too closely with one another, that I shall have to miss such an important day in your life. Because of my strong bonds with you, I find this unacceptable and would hope that you would as well.

Now, I fully understand that your female counterparts play a heavy role in each of your situations and that the male influence is often diminished in these events even with the weakest of female personalities, but I would implore you. In the name of our lasting friendship, do not allow them to pressure you on this point. Remember the old saying, if they want it that bad, they should be willing to wait for it.

Please remember, I make this request not out of greed or selfishness, but rather a desire to see us all remain important fixtures in each others lives and the momentous occasions that mark each of them.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

With dearest love and friendship,

Jeremy A. Earl

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I just got a copy of the latest CBT Master Rules, software to aide in 'mech and vehicle sheet creation, and uncovered a crapload of my terrain. In the past 6 years, only one of my miniatures has gone missing (one LCT-1V Locust, w/Davion arctic conifer forest cammo), so I have plenty of units to choose from.

Anyone want to play some BattleTech this weekend? Level 3 rules unless anyone has a strong aversion to Level 3 rules, in which case Level 2 rules it is.
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Go look at this.

Odd that out of everything we got listed as, it was this name that we fell under.

Page is ass-slow right now (thanks to being slashdotted), so I'll wait until tomorrow or so to submit corrections to them (such as suggesting we fall under the Miranda's Cafe name). So don't any of you submit yourselfs as members until we get the name stuff worked out.

And what years exactly WERE we in business. I originally started up in 1990, but can't remember when exactly the plug was finally pulled.
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It's the swingin' 16th century! A happenin' time of plenary endulgences and fledgling Luetherism. A time when the coprenician universer was becoming all the rage. A time of gangsters and their femme fatale molls.....okay, well not quite.

SEE the beheading of reputed saint Thomas Moore!

SEE the bare wrists of his daughter and wife! SCANDALOUS!

SEE England tell the catholic church to go fuck themselves!

SEE me in tights!!

Yes, after 10 years or so, they finally got me in a pair, so for those of you that missed out on the Umpa Loompa costume a couple halloweens ago, this is your chance. Drop by the theatre any weekend for the next month.

A Man for All Seasons, Sept. 6-29, Fridays & Saturdays 7:30 p.m., Sundays 2 p.m., Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre Company, Gross Auditorium on the College of Saint Mary campus, 1901 S. 72nd St., $15 general admission, $13 seniors & $5 students, 399-6287.
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Upcoming Travel

Realizing his is rather short notice...

BotCon, the Transformers convention, is coming up fast. Offficially the weekend of July 27-28, it usually starts for preregistrants the previous Friday night, however since I do not plan on leaving untill Friday night or Saturday morning, that is irrelevant.

What is relevant is I would like someone mostly, if not completely uninterested, to ride shotgun. I don't plan to stay, only long enough to hug a friend who survived one of the towers collapsing around him, and fulfill a few promises, leaving no later than early Sunday morning.

As extra incentive, there's a chance I will get my ass kicked.

I do have a place set up to stay overnight; the room's a bit crowdd and co-ed, but I've known them for years. They are trustworthy people.

Just Curious

Now my file server is limping along to a recovery, I've been going through old logs and whatnot and can't seem to find anything older than 1997 text-wise. Graphics-wise, I still have most if not all the photos and graphics from the old BBSes; the drawings of eachothers online personas 'Doshi and I did up ('s where this icon came from, 'Doshi's rendition of me :), photos of what we really looked like, and so on. God, all GIF :D

My question/request; anyone here still have copies of the old Miranda's or other BBS logs they're willing to share?

I think some of my old logs still exist, but they'd be down in Texas somewhere.

Whatever happpened to Scream'N'Demond?
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